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CCS is Your Personal Concierge Service and offered to Foreign Property Owners and International Clients from all over the World Exclusively!

Welcome to CCS, the Service that stands for Excellence! Do you need to be in two places at the same time? Do you need a personal assistant but don't want your personal business discussed in public? Would you like a team you can trust and speaks your home language German, English and Spanish fluent? CCS is offering exactly that. We understand your culture, mentality and needs and can act on your behalf as a mediator between two country cultures.


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What sets Us apart from other similar Services?

We reliably, discreetly and quietly tend to all your needs whether you're at home or away and screen all quality vendors first so that you don’t have to anymore. We also hire and fire staff if needed and conduct the interviews. We keep your private life private and we provide that same high standard level of service for all our clients. So whether you're a Foreign Expat owning homes all over the world, a high-profile business or Sports personality or a Retiree just looking to enjoy the good life, contact us today! Our Personal Concierge Service will free up your life!

Our Basic Personal Concierge Service CCS consists of paying all your bills, manage your staff and employees

and oversee regular maintenance tasks.


As you know, vacant properties are subject to minor issues such as utility failures, appliance failures, water problems and at times infestation from critters. So the importance of routine inspections should not be underestimated. Have you thought about the importance of running water in all your sinks and showers and opening windows from time to time? Not only does it prevent sewer odors from entering the house, but also prevents pest from entering as well. Have you ever seen a storm forecast for Uruguay and wondered if your property is OK? Alarm systems can't tell if there is a water leak, a bad odor, your pool has turned green, or your house needs cleaning and your landscape attention. A regular property management will help to protect and maintain the value of your investment and we will follow up with your caretakers, cleaning staff, gardener and pool man, etc.


Besides our Basic Home Maintenance Services we also offer a multitude of customized services


Have you recently decided to remodel, or maybe just purchased a home that needs someone locally to make sure deliveries, cleaning, repairs or renovations happen as you want them to happen? We offer to supervise third party workers and make sure all the legal and social security matters are handled properly. Did you depart your home and wondered if you locked the backdoor. These are just a few additional things CCS handles for its clients.

For any real estate needs or questions, please find out more: realestate-in-uruguay.com

Property Management

Our team offers absentee Home Maintenance supervision and Accounting of your expenses and bill payments including monthly e-mail update.

Paying Your Bills

Paying all your monthly utility bills and annual property, school and vehicule road tax if applicable as well as staff and social payments for workers, etc.

Supervise Your Staff

We are the communicators between you and your staff and supervise the cleaning lady, gardener, pool man etc. and can refer handymen, gardeners, plumbers, electricians and other personnel needed.

Supervise Renovations

Let us help you supervise and be the link between you and architects and construction workers for any renovation or building work done at your property to make sure deadlines are met.

Contract Negotiations

Do you need new employee agreements or any other type of contracts setup? We are here to assist and work with local lawyers and accountants to get it done for you.

Interior Design

Did you just buy a new home or apartment and need to furnish it? We can go furniture, appliance, materials and fixture shopping and provide proposals and pricing with photos to be approved by you.


About Us

Experienced. Knowledgeable. Professional.

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Bettina Waldraff

Born and raised in Switzerland, living in Toronto, Canada, New York and California for over 16 years and now in Uruguay since 2012, has helped many International buyers with their real estate transactions at TEAM HAVERKATE, Realestate-in-Uruguay. Bettina has a Business and Marketing bachelor degree and extensive experience in administration & organization, accounting and marketing for over 32 years, which makes her the ideal person for handling your affairs. Her special interest in modern art, fashion, architecture and design are valuable for helping with any interior design, buying furniture, appliances and any fixtures on your behalf. She has overseen construction of quality homes in the USA and Uruguay and knows the building process in and out and could be a great asset in assisting you overseeing any building and renovation projects.

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Gonzalo Gomez

Gonzalo Gomez, born and raised in Punta del Este, is an Uruguayan native who is very knowledgeable about the entire country and has a degree in Administration, a CPE in English and an A1 in German and Portuguese.  He is an established Relocation & Immigration specialist with over 12 years of experience and is well known as being an honest and helpful inter-cultural problem solver and resource.  He is highly experienced with the immigration procedures that are involved in residency applications and has obtained more than 300 granted residencies for his clients.  He is also highly experienced in providing specialized concierge services, which makes him the perfect partner at CCS. His company PuntaConsultants is helping people from all over the world to improve their quality of life by relocating either full or part-time to Uruguay.



Building, Supervision & Decoration of a new House in Uruguay

El Quijote Building.jpeg
El Quijote Supervising.jpeg
El Quijote After.jpg

Building Project

Exceptional Achievement

Involvement from first step of home design with architect to daily visits at the construction site.

Kitchen Installation

Perfect Execution

Choosing kitchen cabinets, all bathroom and light fixtures and supervising final installations and details until home was finished.

Finished Design

A Real Success

House furnished and decorated choosing modern colorful pieces combining with rustic elements going well with the concrete and wood floor in the home.



Empty Apartment Furnished with provided Client Budget

Diane Empty Living.JPG
Living Room Diane.JPG
Diane Bedroom.JPG

New Apartment

Exceptional Achievement

Taking measurements and working with  furniture stores. Provide photos of different furniture models and getting approved.

Furnished Living Area

Perfect Execution

Ordered furniture and appliances chosen by client, managed payments and coordinated deliveries to be on time.


A Real Success

Supervised installation to make sure all is done properly. Apartment was ready when client arrived in Punta del Este.



Mid-Century Modern Remodel in California

Joshua Tree Before.jpeg
Joshua Tree in Progress.jpeg
Joshua Tree After.jpeg


Neglected Home

House and Backyard needed a complete overhaul. The only part of the house kept was the original ceiling with beams. Everything else got gutted down and re-built.

Work in Progress

Perfect Execution

Supervised execution on a daily basis. Choosing all materials for kitchen & bathrooms being involved very much in the interior design of the house.


A Real Success

Turning an old run down Mid-Century Modern into a new Jewel choosing all the finishes and furnishings for the house.



I was half a world away when Bettina diligently arranged for furniture and appliances to be delivered/installed in my brand-new apartment prior my arrival.  I never felt like I was alone in the process.  We worked together through emails, and she supplied detailed pictures and prices with many options for me to choose from, keeping in mind the budget we had set.  I relied on her recommendations and appreciated her knowledge of design.   There were no surprises when I arrived, and I felt at home as soon as I walked in the door.  I really enjoy living here, and can't say enough about Bettina and all of the help she provided. She knows what her clients need and want and how to make it all happen in her naturally friendly helpful way.

Diane Cording, USA

It is now 1 year and a half that Bettina is in charge to pay all the bills for my flat in Punta del Este and is in contact with my building administration when needed. She also organized renewal of insurance contract. She is also the one who, last year, made searches and got quotes with various options from several insurance companies that I could make the best choice to properly insure my flat. She kindly assisted me for internet and electricity registrations and actually made everything running smoothly for my starting in Punta del Este. When we were looking for an architect and contractor to do some remodeling, she was of great help to recommend good trustworthy people. Bettina is always available for her clients and everything is handled with great efficiency and promptly sorted out. I fully enjoy the quality of her services providing me with a peaceful mind when I'm away from Punta and a hassle-free life style when I'm on site.

Ginie Andre, France


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Punta del Este, Maldonado, Uruguay

Bettina: +598 94 299-200

Gonzalo: +598 99 190-854

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